The current staff of Saigon Young Law Office is 100 people, of which 62 lawyers and specialists are granted industrial property representation cards and/or copyright and related rights representation cards. We also have 30 collaborators, working part-time, who are experts, researchers from leading universities, research and development institutes in Vietnam and professional translators. The lawyers and specialists of Saigon Young Law Office all have in-depth technical and legal knowledge, able to solve all problems related to patent protection / utility solutions in the fields of law. mechanics, electricity – electronics, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science, information technology and other technical disciplines…

At Young Saigon Law Office, we work as a team. In principle, each individual is responsible for the specific work assigned, but always receives support from other lawyers and experts when necessary. Department heads, being the best lawyers, are also responsible for guiding and training new employees so that they can quickly mature, become confident and can work independently. We always focus on human resource development because that is the most important factor to ensure the long-term success of Saigon Young Law Office.

Our lawyers and specialists are fluent in one of the following foreign languages: English, Russian, French, German or Chinese.

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